Business Owner Services

Here at Eighteen Financial Group, we offer a wide array of services to help business owners address their financial needs at every stage of the business life cycle. Taking into account their personal values and financial goals, we create and execute customized strategies to help entrepreneurs meet their objectives. Some of our key services are detailed below.

Succession Planning

Succession planning allows owners to leave their business on their own timeframe while preparing their company to be transferred to family members, key employees, an outside party, or even a charity. This must be done in a way that achieves personal financial security, maintains harmony, and achieves maximum value for the business.

401(k)/SEP/Simple IRA

A 401(k) is a retirement savings plan offered through employment. It allows employees to save and invest a portion of their paycheck before taxes are taken out.

A simplified employee pension (SEP) is a retirement plan employer or self-employed individuals can contribute to. The employer is permitted a tax deduction for contributions made to the SEP plan and makes contributions to each eligible employee's SEP IRA on a discretionary basis.

A SIMPLE IRA is a retirement plan that may be established by employers or self-employed individuals. The SIMPLE IRA allows qualified employees to contribute part of their pretax compensation, meaning that the tax on the money is deferred until it is distributed.

Executive Bonus/Compensation

The success of most businesses is tied into the talent, passion and work ethics of their key executives. Executive benefit packages can help you attract, motivate, and retain high-caliber employees and keep your company healthy and stable. We can help you with funding non-qualified plans, supplemental employee retirement plans, split dollar plans, and more.

Exit Strategies

An exit strategy is a contingency plan with the purpose of liquidating a position in a financial asset or disposing of tangible business assets once specific criteria have been met. An exit strategy can be used to dissolve a non-performing investment or close a business that is not creating profit.